Boat rental in Chicago with Wakesurfing included


Wakesurfing is a low impact water sport that is easy to learn by people of all ages. Anyone can surf with the right instruction and a positive mindset. However, having the right type of boat and ensuring it is adequately equipped for wakesurfing is important. We have a high performance Moomba Mojo inboard boat that is specifically outfitted for water sports. We also have top of the line equipment from Phase 5 and Doomswell available to make your experience that much better.

Your wakesurfing instructor will teach you everything you need to know to surf on Lake Michigan. The surfer will be towed behind our boat once they are able to get up from the starting position. The surfer will be instructed on how to get into the wave’s “sweet spot” to maximize the push and eventually drop the rope to surf the wave. All that’s left is to throw up the Shaka to your crew.

We hope you allow us to host your group while visiting Chicago.  Our service is a great alternative to the other boat tours offered in the city. We are just a short ride away from your hotel or Airbnb. You will never forget your first time surfing behind a boat.